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Habby - click on the thumbnail below for a larger image
Army and Navy Needle
Covered Buttons 15mm
Covered Buttons 19mm
Covered Buttons 22mm
Cushion Top Straight Pin
Dyed Buttons 18mm
Fisheye Buttons 16,5mm
Fisheye Buttons 19mm
Machine Belt
Metal Bobbin Casing


Metal Bobbins
Pearl Buttons 18mm
Plastic Bobbins
Ribbon 6mm
Ribbon 9mm
Ribbon 25mm
Rick Rack
Seam Ripper Large
Seam Ripper Small
Shirt Buttons 11,5mm
Singer Machine Needle Gold
Singer Machine Needle Silver
Singer Machine Oil
Tape Measure
Thread 1000 yrds
Thread 5000 yrds
Thread Embroidery
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